Cool Things to See in Cheyenne

Are looking for a fun weekend away from home? Why not consider going to Cheyenne, the capital of Wyoming? There are many cool places to visit featuring indoor and outdoor attractions.

1. Cheyenne Botanic Gardens
This is a beautiful and education experience in Cheyenne. Admission is free, though donations are accepted. Cheyenne’s weather can be very challenging with subzero temperatures and high winds, so having a place to explore the natural beauty of gardens can seem like a little oasis. Cheyenne Botanic Gardens contain greenhouses that grow a variety of plants ranging from vegetables and cacti. The 6,800 square foot conservatory contains a koi pond as well. There are walkways for the convenience of visitors leading to other attractions on site such as the Peace Gardens and rose Gardens.

Another attraction to see while at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens is the Paul Smith Children’s Village. This is an interactive village which includes natural wetlands, solar pumps. windmills, Archimede’s screw, and other attractions all constructed from sustainable materials. Children will learn about Wyoming history,but also how to use sustainable technology and materials for crafts and tools.

2. Terry Bison Ranch
This ranch was developed in 1993 as a family resort. The ranch provides programs for families so they can experience western adventure as well as food. Families enjoy entertainment, but also learn about the history and culture of Wyoming. The ranch has available cabins, a restaurant, and a trading post. Also available is a train which tours the grounds giving visitors a look at the many and varied animals that live on the ranch. Some of the animals guests will see are ostriches, camels, and of course, bison herds.

3. Wyoming Hereford Ranch
This ranch has a history dating back to 1883, and is touted as one of the longest continuously running ranches in the nation. As indicated by the name, the ranch has been raising Hereford cattle for beef, and claims 60,000 acres of land. At the visitors center, also the ranch headquarters, guests can learn about the history of the ranch and about the culture from the extensive library housed in the ranch headquarters. The offerings of the library will also educate visitors about the business of farming and breeding Hereford cattle. Another reason to visit the Wyoming Hereford Ranch is to take advantage of birding on the vast expanse of property available for enthusiasts. The ranch boasts of kingfishers, buffleheads, cormorants, kestrels, and many other species who make their home on the western plain.

4. Museums
If you are looking for an indoor activity, Cheyenne has a plethora of museums to visit. Cheyenne Depot Museum, Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum, The Nelson Museum of the West, Wyoming State Museum, Cowgirls of the West Museum and Emporium, and the Historic Governor’s Mansion are all excellent options for indoor exploration of the history of Wyoming.

Always check available times and date of operation before planning your adventure into historic Cheyenne, Wyoming.